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Supplemental health insurance coverage that goes beyond medical expenses.

Injuries or major illnesses create two types of expenses: medical, which are generally covered by traditional health insurance policies, and non-medical, which are other expenses that you pay out of your own pocket. Platinum offers affordable supplemental insurance policies* that help cover items such as lost wages, travel costs and in-home care—unplanned expenses that can quickly add up.

Always Striving to Provide Better Coverage

Over the years, we’ve conducted tens of thousands of one-on-one insurance consultations to learn new ways to meet our customers’ needs. The knowledge we’ve gained has allowed us to partner with actuaries and insurance companies to design benefit-rich polices that pay customers directly for common covered critical illness events, such as cancer, heart attack or stroke.

Cancer, Heart Attack & Stroke

Living Our Ideals Every Day

The Platinum mission—providing the best supplemental health insurance products and services possible—is more than a plaque in our boardroom. It is the driving force behind every feature of our insurance products.* From policies that include preventative screening benefits, to affordably bundling products, to our return-of-premium option for policyholders who don’t end up using their benefits, it is clear that Platinum puts the needs of its customers first.

Accident Protection