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Supplemental Insurance That Rewards Wellness

DUBUQUE, IOWA – Platinum Supplemental Insurance is pleased to announce the newest release of its Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke insurance product that now offers enhanced screening and wellness benefits beyond those presented in traditional supplemental insurance products.

Recognizing that early diagnosis is often key to successful treatment of cancer and other major illnesses, Platinum’s new policy provides coverage for many routine screening tests that otherwise can be cost-prohibitive, such as for x-rays, MRIs, colonoscopies, mammograms, pap smears, and many other common tests.

In a recent June 2012 report from the American Cancer Society, in collaboration with the National Cancer Institute, research predictions indicate that there are 13.7 million cancer survivors alive in the United States today.* That number will grow to almost 18 million by the year 2022.* Based on those figures alone, these new enhancements to Platinum’s product will make it even more beneficial to consumers.

“Platinum’s screening benefits encourage policyholders to be proactive regarding their healthcare by encouraging diagnostic testing to detect major health concerns,” said Wayne Briggs, President and CEO of Platinum Supplemental Insurance.

In addition to covering these routine screening tests, Platinum’s newest policy also provides wellness benefits to promote healthy lifestyles.  These benefits, for example, can cover costs associated with joining a health club, yoga or fitness classes, weight-loss programs and programs to stop smoking.

Because this product is a supplemental policy, benefits are paid directly to the policyholders to use as they deem necessary.  Platinum’s research showed that consumers are looking for solutions to paying high medical insurance deductibles and other non-medical out-of-pocket expenses.  As a result, Platinum’s new policy was specifically designed to tackle this concern by providing a lump-sum payment of up to $30,000 upon diagnosis of cancer, heart attack or stroke.

“Statistics show that more than half of the total cost of a major illness is non-medical,” adds Briggs.  “Not only is a person’s health devastated by a diagnosis like cancer, but often personal finances are equally at risk, making it difficult to pay rent or mortgages and cover living expenses needed for survival from day to day.”

For policyholders this gives them the ability to focus on recovery, not medical financial hardship.

Platinum’s Cancer, Stroke and Heart Attack policy also provides innovative organ transplant benefits and an ICU benefit for any medical condition that requires time in an intensive care unit.

“Platinum never sits back.  Our research never stops,” concluded Briggs.  “Even with this new insurance product launch, we’ll continue looking into more ways that we can make it better for the consumer.”


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