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Platinum Donates $25,000 to Improve Healthcare Access in Rural Panama

Platinum Supplemental Insurance and its representatives are proud to contribute over $25,000 to Floating Doctors, a U.S.-based nonprofit organization dedicated to providing quality healthcare to rural populations in the developing world. This gift was the culmination of an eight-month partnership in which Platinum Supplemental Insurance and its sales representatives collected money and supplies for Floating Doctors.

On March 22, 2016, Platinum President Wayne Briggs, along with sales representative Angela Warner, presented a donation of $25,418 to Floating Doctors’ founder Dr. Ben La Brot. The presentation took place at an inspirational meeting during Platinum’s annual incentive trip at the Westin Playa Bonita Resort in Panama City, Panama.

Platinum sales representatives raised funds for the organization by contributing portions of their commission, and Platinum matched the donations. Besides a monetary contribution, Platinum employees donated over 100 pounds of basic healthcare supplies, like first-aid kits, aspirin, anti-fungal cream and more throughout December 2015. These supplies were shipped to Panama and distributed throughout the rural clinics managed by Floating Doctors volunteers.

“Platinum was created from the idea of providing the best service to our customers, sales representatives and employees,” Briggs said. “Our mission has always been to provide excellent opportunities and products to those around us. With the company’s success, we are able to expand that to other organizations whose mission is to serve those in need. Floating Doctors is a nonprofit with a mission that resonated with many of us at Platinum.”

Every year, Platinum reviews and selects a nonprofit to support in the location of its annual company trip. The organization must have financial or volunteer needs that the company can assist with throughout the year and during its annual trip.

Led by volunteer healthcare professionals, Floating Doctors is dedicated to providing healthcare to rural communities in Panama that might not have access to services otherwise. One of their greatest challenges is transporting patients from hard-to-reach rural areas to cities with hospitals to treat critical illnesses and accident-induced injuries. Because of its mission to provide healthcare options and tools to rural communities in the Midwest, Platinum Supplemental Insurance was eager to learn more about Floating Doctors and to support their work while visiting Panama.

Dr. La Brot shared stories of the lives Floating Doctors impacts and the conditions in which their volunteers serve patients in rural Panama. “We currently have quite a few patients who urgently needed advanced care in Panama City,” Dr. La Brot said. “Getting them from their remote jungle communities all the way to our partners in the city is a big challenge. After receiving Platinum’s donation, for the first time in weeks, I slept soundly without anxiety over how to get these patients the care they need.”

Learn more about Platinum’s philosophy of giving back.

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