The Platinum Summer Sales Internship

Lock in the most productive summer you’ll ever have. You can’t beat the knowledge, skills and income potential that comes from working alongside Platinum’s most experienced and successful outside sales representatives. Put yourself at a personal, professional and financial advantage by spending the summer in a Platinum internship.

Average intern income: $20,493*
That is not a typo. Platinum’s interns have the same commission and bonus opportunities as our experienced reps. This creates an unbeatable summer income opportunity. Our lowest grossing intern still made $4,000 in three months!

As a Platinum summer sales intern, you won’t get stuck in a cube. You don’t need a suit. And, you won’t be sorting anyone’s spreadsheets. You’ll be working in the field, learning from the best and building highly marketable skills.

Hear Firsthand What to Expect

More About This Internship:

  • Four-day workweeks typical (Monday–Thursday)
  • Thorough training in Platinum’s well-established sales process
  • Motivating team support and mentoring from leaders
  • Become a licensed insurance professional (which can take you anywhere)
  • Weekly travel to your team’s territory
  • High commission income opportunity + bonuses
  • Independent contractor position with opportunities available after college
  • With teams in 17 states, live where you like!
  • Must be 18 years or older to apply

Challenge yourself in a direct sales position now and see your career take off after college.