Nebraska Rep Finds Life-Changing Income Opportunity at Platinum

Dave Nelson

Dave Nelson

Five years ago, Dave Nelson of Ainsworth, Nebraska, was working as a ranch hand. He and his wife Nina dreamed of owning their own home with property for raising livestock, but cash was tight for their family.

In November 2011, a Platinum sales representative met with Dave and Nina to tell them about the supplemental insurance products Platinum markets. Not only was Dave impressed by the products, he also thought the career might just be the chance for their family to start working toward a ranch of their own.

Within a few weeks, Dave left his job at the ranch, the only career he knew, and began his adventure as a Platinum sales representative. The couple and their two children temporarily moved in with Dave’s mother until he could make enough money to buy a place of their own.

Six months later, Dave became one of the highest producing sales reps on the Platinum team. By August 2012, Dave and his family paid for their first home in full. Today the couple continues to develop their family ranch. Dave has also since grown his career and moved into various leadership positions with the company.

”It did seem too good to be true, and at first I was skeptical, but within the first month, we saw and felt results. The money was real,” Nelson said.

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Platinum Supplemental Insurance has a simple, proven sales system and an extensive training program that helped Dave find success, and it can make you successful, too. If you have a willingness to work hard and learn, this is an excellent opportunity for those who, like Dave, want their income to match their hard work.

The supplemental insurance products Platinum markets help families protect their financial security and their businesses when a family member is diagnosed with cancer or chronic illness. “We have teams in the state already, and we’ve seen that Nebraska offers a perfect opportunity for expansion,” said Kevin Van Veldhuizen, Platinum’s vice president of sales. “Those who are familiar with farming or ranching tend to adapt well to this career.”

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