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Three Reasons to Prioritize Your Yearly Screenings

Three Reasons to Prioritize Your Yearly Screenings

As you dive into spring cleaning, don’t overlook the importance of yearly screenings and tests for you and your loved ones—and, of course, filing your screenings claims. Tidying up your healthcare doesn’t have to be a challenge, and at Platinum, we’re dedicated to simplifying the claims process for you.

When you purchased your Platinum-marketed supplemental insurance policy, you saw the value of the financial protection it provides as well as countless other benefits. Among those benefits, coverage for yearly preventative screenings and diagnostic tests is typically included. Here are three things to keep in mind when it comes to your yearly screenings and ensuring that finances are not a barrier to your health:

1. Yearly screenings are an important step in regulating your health.
Regular screenings and tests are two key ways to proactively monitor your health. Early detection can help prevent a more serious illness—and even lessen future doctor’s office visits. Take the simple step to schedule your annual screenings today!

2. Your policy works for you (and your screenings).
Many screenings and tests are covered by your Platinum-marketed policy, including cancer and heart screenings. These policies are designed to offset out-of-pocket costs so you and your loved ones can seek the preventive care you need without financial worry.

4. Filing your screening claim is easier than ever.
Did anyone on your policy have a health screening or diagnostic test in the past year? If so, it’s time to file a claim. We want the claims process to be smooth and easy, which is why the process has been simplified. (Billing information is no longer required!) Simply download the Screening Claim Form, and fill out the following information:

  • the type of screening or test performed,
  • your physician’s name and phone number,
  • and the date of the screening or test.

After you have filled out the form, mail or fax it to our office, and we’ll take it from there.

Claims Mailing Address:
Platinum Supplemental Insurance
P.O. Box 1404
Rome, GA 30162

Claims Fax: 813-386-4425

Though the process can vary from claim to claim, Platinum will always dedicate the time to ensure it runs as smoothly as possible. If you have questions at any step of the claims process, please call our friendly and knowledgeable claims customer service team at 1-855-774-4495. We can answer any questions, ensure you’re submitting accurate information, put your claim on record and more. At Platinum, we try to ease the burden and simplify the process of filing your screening claims so you can focus on your health—not your expenses.