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Supplemental Insurance That Rewards Wellness

Supplemental Insurance That Rewards Wellness

A supplemental health insurance policy holds a lot of value in the face of a critical illness or other debilitating health event. But you don’t have to wait for a diagnosis to use your policy’s coverage.

Common serious illnesses such as cancer, heart attack and stroke create out-of-pocket expenses that aren’t covered by major medical insurance. Your supplemental policy provides financial peace of mind in the form of large lump-sum payments made directly to you upon diagnosis, so you can make decisions that prioritize your quality of care.

Recognizing that early diagnosis is often key to successful treatment of cancer and other major illnesses, many Platinum-marketed policies provide enhanced coverage for routine screening tests. Common tests such as mammograms, pap smears, colonoscopies, X-rays or MRIs, which are often considered cost-prohibitive, may be covered by your policy to encourage wellness care.

According to the American Cancer Society, early detection of cancer through screening reduces the incidence of death for many common cancers. Furthermore, screening for colorectal and cervical cancers can prevent these cancers by identifying removable precancerous lesions.

“Platinum’s screening benefits encourage policyholders to be proactive regarding their healthcare by encouraging diagnostic testing to detect major health concerns.”
—Wayne Briggs, Platinum President and CEO

In addition to covering routine screening tests, many of Platinum’s policies also provide wellness benefits to promote healthy lifestyles. These benefits, for example, can cover costs associated with joining a health club, yoga or fitness classes, weight-loss programs, and programs to stop smoking.

According to the same ACS report, aside from tobacco use, maintaining a healthy weight and limiting alcohol consumption are among the most effective strategies for reducing cancer risk.

You always hope you will never have to use your policy for a major health diagnosis. But if you do, the policy’s cash benefits will allow you to act quickly, focusing on recovery, not expenses.

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