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Supplemental For Any Age

Supplemental For Any Age

Throughout her lifetime, Laura Jelinek has found herself in the doctor’s office too many times to count. At 23, she is younger than most who consider a supplemental health insurance policy. But, with her history, Laura decided to purchase a Platinum-marketed accident policy, and it paid off much sooner than expected.

For Laura, purchasing her Platinum-marketed accident policy was an easy choice based on her accident-prone history. Ever since she was a little girl, she has had a history of breaking bones. “I’m constantly in the doctor’s office for something,” Laura said. “I broke my foot in high school. I’ve torn tendons, and during my first week of college, I was hit by a car and broke my back.”

Sure enough, just two weeks after taking out her accident policy, Laura put it to use. When Laura bent over to pick something up off the floor, she hit her head on a metal cement railing. She went to work the next day as normal but quickly realized something was wrong.

“I was very confused, disoriented and light-sensitive,” she explained. “I had a headache and was so unable to focus on anything, and that’s when I realized something was definitely wrong. I hadn’t even remembered I’d hit my head. My boyfriend had to remind me that it had happened. I couldn’t remember what time I had hit it or what happened before or after.”

Laura left work to go to the emergency room, where she underwent a CAT scan and an MRI. She was diagnosed with a concussion. While fortunate to have no brain damage or bleeding in the brain, Laura suffered from severe migraines. A trip to the chiropractor and multiple X-rays exposed two vertebrae that had been knocked out of place during her accident, causing Laura pain.

Thanks to Laura’s Platinum-marketed accident policy, Laura did not have to worry about how she would afford her medical bills or time missed from work when going to her doctor’s appointments. “As much as you hope you won’t have to use the policy, it’s nice to have the cushion to fall back on when you aren’t prepared for an accident.”

Laura worked with a Platinum customer service representative to file her claim. The representative promptly assisted Laura with locating codes and accurately filling out forms. “It was crazy how fast the claim process went, because we had everything we needed,” Laura said. Within a month of her accident, Laura’s claim was paid.

Now back on her feet, Laura is even more confident in her decision to purchase a Platinum-marketed policy and lives life with ease, knowing her policy is there to catch her if she falls.