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Benefits Well Worth the Price of Premium

Benefits Well Worth the Price of Premium

Gerald Thompson was a Colorado cowboy who could do anything. He raised nine children with his wife Karen, spent his days installing fire sprinkler systems and was always there to lend a helping hand. But, when it came to battling cancer, Gerald knew he couldn’t do it alone.

Thankfully, Gerald and Karen had purchased a cancer, heart and stroke policy, marketed by Platinum Supplemental Insurance, years prior, making a big difference in their financial journey with cancer.

Gerald and Karen were an ordinary couple living a simple life on their 40-acre Colorado ranch. You could often find them outside, tending to yard work—they really loved their flowers—or on their way to visit one of their nine grown children. You might think having such a houseful would have stopped this couple from going on adventures in their early years, but they enjoyed road trips in their travel trailer, camping and even a few cruises.

Gerald and Karen loved the life they built together. When a Platinum sales representative knocked on their door to share information about supplemental health insurance, the benefits to protect their livelihood didn’t seem like a bad idea.

The sales representative thoroughly explained the benefits a Platinum-marketed policy can pay when someone is diagnosed with cancer or experiences a heart attack or stroke. It was these benefits that intrigued Gerald and Karen—the lump-sum payouts would certainly protect them financially and provide a little peace of mind should either of them face such health events. “It seemed too good to be true,” Karen said, looking back on the day they purchased the policy.

Years later, as Karen and Gerald approached their 50th wedding anniversary, they hit a bump in the road even a cowboy couldn’t quite tackle. Gerald had been living with emphysema, prompting several CAT scans on his lungs over the years. One day, a scan showed a spot that doctors were unable to explain.

Not long after the scan, Gerald began feeling weak and under the weather. During an out-of-state trip in April 2019, Gerald’s symptoms began to draw concern. Karen marched him straight to the emergency room as soon as they returned home. After another round of testing, Gerald was diagnosed with cancer.

Supplemental Policy a Lifesaver
“He was an exceptional man…he could do anything. He could fix anything. And, if it was hard for him, he could always figure it out,” Karen shared.

But, when the cancer diagnosis came, Gerald knew he couldn’t fix his cancer prognosis on his own, nor cover all the medical bills or out-of-pocket expenses that would come their way throughout the journey. Their Medicare and additional supplemental policy would cover some of the cost, but, for the rest, Gerald knew it was time to turn to their Platinum-marketed policy for additional financial support.

According to Karen, their supplemental health policy was a lifesaver. “The payout was great. It was exceptional, in fact.” From paying their bills to covering the costs of hospital stays and procedures, Karen insists, “The benefits outweigh the premium.”

As Karen navigated the claims process for Gerald, she often called the Platinum office for assistance. “The lady I talked to a million times, her name is Jenny, and she is an exception. She is a wonderful, wonderful person.”

Jenny walked Karen through her policies and reassured her of their benefits. In turn, Karen gave Jenny an A+ for her patience and thoroughness. “I can’t say enough good about her. She helped me so much. She’s there to listen, and she walks through every question you have.”

Despite the exceptional care of his medical team, Gerald’s cancer had already spread to his brain and other vital organs at the time he was diagnosed, leaving little action for Gerald’s doctors to take. It was just a matter of time, so the hospital arranged for hospice care to keep Gerald comfortable throughout his final days. About a month after learning of his cancer diagnosis, Gerald passed away.

Following Gerald’s passing, Karen gave Jenny one more call to walk through their policy’s death benefit. “It was a little more than I expected to receive,” explained Karen after receiving the benefit. “The insurance money was really like a blessing.”

Platinum is honored to serve families during their most challenging times, and in Gerald’s case, pass along their legacy so others can learn how to ease their financial burden when it matters most.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of supplemental health insurance, contact our friendly, knowledgeable customer service team or view our products now.