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Put Your Policy To Work Today

Put Your Policy To Work Today

Having a supplemental cancer insurance policy can alleviate your financial stress when faced with cancer. It may also provide coverage for diagnostic testing, putting your policy to work today in prevention of a diagnosis.

When you purchase a supplemental cancer insurance policy, you likely do so out of caution because of family medical history or known environmental exposures, such as those found in farming or frequent chemical work. You always hope you will never have to use the policy, but if you do, the policy’s cash benefits will allow you to act immediately upon diagnosis. As we all know, your health won’t wait for you to explore your financial options before deciding on a treatment plan. But, did you know you don’t have to wait for a diagnosis to utilize your policy’s coverage?

In addition to offsetting treatment costs, many of the supplemental insurance policies Platinum markets provide coverage for diagnostic tests and screenings. Regular screenings are an important step to maintaining your overall health. The American Cancer Society estimates breast cancer mortality rates have decreased by almost 40 percent since 1989, largely due to screening improvements and heightened awareness.1 However, with 268,670 newly estimated cases of breast cancer in 2018, getting screened on a regular basis is a must.

The cost of screenings and cancer treatment can add up quickly, with many cancer drugs costing more than $5,000 a month.2 Even if patients are responsible for only a percentage, they are still paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for their medications. And drugs are not the only out-of-pocket expenses associated with treatment—there are also major medical insurance deductibles, the cost of travel to treatment facilities, physician fees, treatment facility fees and more.

The lump-sum benefits found in many of the policies marketed by Platinum Supplemental Insurance are designed to help cover these out-of-pocket expenses. Our goal is to allow you and your family to seek the care options you want—not just the ones you can afford at the time, including regular screenings.

Taking the time to get screened is important for early diagnosis and timely treatment. In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, consider scheduling an appointment today and you may be able to put your supplemental insurance policy to work.

Click here to read more about the lump-sum and screening benefits of a Platinum-marketed cancer policy. Have a question about these benefits? Please contact Platinum Customer Service at 1-855-637-6550.