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Peace of Mind When “Just in Case” Catches You Off Guard

Peace of Mind When “Just in Case” Catches You Off Guard

For Dale Molitor, a 59-year-old from Stearns County, Minnesota, farming is everything. From milking cows, raising beef cattle, growing crops and even meeting his wife on the farm, Dale has harvested nearly all he needs from his deep Midwest roots. When it came to insurance, though, Dale’s options were limited. So, when a Platinum Supplemental Insurance sales representative knocked on his door offering to show him additional insurance options, Dale welcomed him inside. Today, Dale is thankful for the Platinum-marketed policy he purchased that day—it may have just saved his hard-earned livelihood.

As a full-time farmer, major medical insurance can be tough to purchase on one’s own. In Dale’s case, he was limited to government-run insurance programs or purchasing individual insurance through a private entity, which can come with high premiums and deductibles. Fortunately, Dale’s wife worked at a local bakery, providing them an additional insurance option they could manage.

Like many, Dale felt somewhat secure with their major medical insurance, but he still knew it could leave him with high out-of-pocket costs if anything serious should happen. For that reason, when a Platinum sales representative knocked on his door, Dale knew he needed to learn more about this supplemental health insurance option.

After a conversation at his kitchen table, Dale could see how the direct benefits of the indemnity policy could add a layer of protection for his family and his farm. So, Dale purchased a policy.

“Basically, we took the lowest price policy we could, just to have some extra protection in case we needed it,” Dale said. He initially purchased a supplemental cancer policy, and a few years later, upon a second visit with a Platinum representative, Dale and his wife took out the cancer, heart attack and stroke policy.

“Platinum would work with the farmers directly, instead of going through like a co-op type of insurance. So, I really liked that part,” Dale explained. “They came out and offered it to farmers and people in the country, and as long as they were willing to come out and meet with us on the farm, it seemed like a better fit for what we wanted.”

Planning ahead for a critical illness is important, but, of course, undesirable. Nobody plans to need their supplemental health insurance, but not even a year into having the policy, Dale experienced a heart attack.

The day Dale began experiencing heart attack symptoms, he knew he needed to go to the hospital. When he arrived, the hospital staff asked Dave if he had any worries. “I said the only thing I have to be worried about is to keep my income, to get back to my work. In the back of my mind, I thought, well, at least I have Platinum insurance.”

“You know, it was kind of a stress reliever, knowing that I had Platinum insurance or had an insurance policy, I should say, for covering a heart attack. At least you know you can focus more on healing and not worrying about getting back out there and making a few dollars farming.”

Dale was in the hospital eight days for treatment and recovery. Due to blockage in his heart, Dale underwent triple bypass surgery and spent the following days rehabilitating in the hospital. Upon returning home, Dale called to file his claim.

Focusing on Recovery, Not Expenses

“I told them what had happened, and I asked them what I have to do to file a claim,” Dale recalled about his conversation with a customer service representative. “They said, tell us a little bit—the dates that you went into the hospital, about how long you were there—and they wrote it all down.”

Dale’s claim was filed right away. All Dale had to do next was ask his doctors to fill out some additional paperwork.

“I had a very wonderful experience with the girls in the office,” Dale said as he expressed appreciation for the representatives he worked with each time he called.

Throughout Dale’s health event, he didn’t miss much work on the farm, thanks to bad weather. When there was work to be done, his brothers stepped in, allowing Dale to rest. But, because Dale was unable to sell steers or corn to bring money in, there was no income to pay off the credit card bills that continued to show up in the mailbox. That’s when Dale and his wife turned to their supplemental insurance policy’s lump-sum benefits for help. “I used that money to pay the credit card bills, so they didn’t incur interest. It really helped that way, to just keep paying off bills.”

Finding Satisfaction Across Policy Benefits

Dale was pleased with the benefits he received from his Platinum-marketed policy. “I was satisfied. Like I say, when I bought the policy, I understood I took the cheaper policy. I knew the payout wouldn’t be as big, but I really didn’t plan on using it when I took out the policy. It was just there in case. And boy, ‘in case’ came up pretty quick.”

Now, this isn’t the first time Dale and his wife have used their supplemental policy’s benefits. The couple schedules yearly health screenings and tests, which are covered by their policy. “That’s a really nice feature,” Dale noted. “It gives you a little more of an incentive to go in and have like the blood pressure, the cholesterol, your cancer screenings, to get those all taken care of every year, so you can kind of catch the stuff before it gets away with you.”

With this health event behind them, Dale and his wife have a bright future ahead. “We plan on farming a few more years, because I’m not quite old enough to retire, and we plan on sticking with Platinum Supplemental Insurance.”