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One Designated Claims Specialist to Serve You

One Designated Claims Specialist to Serve You

From the first time you call Platinum to file a claim until your claim is paid, you will be assigned one claims specialist to help you through the process. You won’t be transferred multiple times; you won’t have to repeat yourself—your designated claims specialist will work with you until the process is complete.

Imagine that you or a loved one just received a medical diagnosis that is covered by your supplemental health insurance policy marketed by Platinum Supplemental Insurance. Next comes treatment. Then expenses—medical bills, travel, utilities, car payments, house payments and on and on. In the midst of all those life changes and responsibilities, do not forget to call Platinum to initiate your claim.

Platinum understands the major life changes that come with a cancer or critical/chronic illness diagnosis, and your top concern is the well-being of your loved ones. For this reason, we make it our priority to focus on your claim.

When you call and talk to a Platinum claims specialist, you are assigned one designated representative, who handles all of your paperwork from start to finish. Your designated claims specialist will have a thorough understanding of your benefits, as well as the progress on your claim, so you won’t have to explain your circumstances to a new person every time you call. Our ultimate goal is to bring you peace of mind during an already stressful time.

Dealing with cancer, heart attack, stroke or a chronic/critical illness is a burden on a family. Platinum’s premier customer service department is full of experts, ready and waiting to help when you need it most.

Need to file a claim? Meet your designated claims specialist today—call