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Meet Tye, Platinum Sales Representative

Meet Tye, Platinum Sales Representative

Since 2010, Tye has been a sales representative for Platinum, protecting rural families from the financial burdens of critical illness and finding his own personal success. The Platinum career has been a fulfilling opportunity for Tye—let him tell you for himself.

What attracted you to the Platinum sales career?

I lost my mother to cancer, and my dad had a little bout of it, too. My wife lost her father to cancer, and her mom has had a lot of heart issues. Those are guiding factors for me, so I look at this as a way to help other families prevent financial strife. I go out and drive every day to try to protect as many families as I can so that they don’t have to experience what my family and what my wife’s family have gone through. The financial part is a horrible aspect of critical illness. I use that as a driving force.

What has helped you find personal success?

I knew when I started that if I went out and followed the process that I was taught, there was no way I could fail. That has held true my entire career. If you are willing to put in the work and listen to what you’re being taught, the sky really is the limit. You can control what you do out here. You’re your own boss. You get what you put into this career. If you put in great effort like most of us do out here, you’ll be successful.

What do you enjoy most about being a Platinum sales representative?

I really enjoy training people, helping them out and presenting the opportunity to them. It’s exciting when you can see someone who’s brand new, who’s never done anything like this, start having early success. There’s more advancement, not only for yourself but for others. I don’t consider this a job; it’s a dream.

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