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Meet Tanner, Sales Representative

Meet Tanner, Sales Representative

After facing health challenges and financial obstacles, Tanner was eager to provide more for his family. Click below to read how the Platinum sales career brought him professional and financial fulfillment.

What drew you to the Platinum sales opportunity?

I graduated high school in 2016, and I’d had some really bad health issues dating back to my junior and senior years of high school. I never really went to school during those years. I didn’t work the entire year after school because I was meeting with different doctors to see what was wrong. I got a job at a pizza place, bringing in little money, and I figured that wasn’t going to work for student loans. And then, as I was looking for different jobs, I found Platinum.

What has contributed to your career growth?

I know personally that I could not make it if the structure wasn’t here. It keeps everyone accountable and everyone wants everybody to grow. All in all, I love how it’s structured. You always want people around you to succeed, which helps you succeed. Anyone can do this. It doesn’t matter if you were a doctor before this or worked at a gas station or didn’t even have a job before. You just need to work hard each and every day and learn from the people who have been doing this—that’s where you learn the most.

What do you enjoy most about being a Platinum sales representative?

My family is a big motivator. We never really had much money growing up—my dad was sick and my mom worked a minimum wage job. My dad has Parkinson’s disease, and that sparked my interest when I saw the products, and my fiancée’s family has been ravished with cancer. The products are great, and it’s rewarding going to visit the current customers who have used the product and are so happy they have it.

Why Platinum Is a Great Place to Start Your Career

Is there a young person in your life who needs a great starting career or a rewarding opportunity after college graduation? Many people, like Tanner, have launched remarkable careers at Platinum, paid off debt and developed versatile skillsets.

  • Opportunity to build secure income and savings in just a few years
  • Structured sales process and training
  • Supportive team environment and company culture
  • Exposure to dynamic business concepts and influential leaders
  • Highly transferrable work experience
  • Platinum’s student loan repayment bonus track—$20,000+ bonus opportunity!

If you or someone you know is interested in a career with Platinum, contact us today at 1-855-816-0065, or visit

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