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Meet Ken, Sales Representative

Meet Ken, Sales Representative

After serving over 13 years in the military, Ken was looking for a new career with similar growth opportunities. For Ken, the skills he developed during his military career generated an incredible leadership opportunity at Platinum, where he continues to help others.

Upon graduating from high school, Ken served in the military for 13 ½ years, where he took the lead of an Army parachute team and developed a passion for leadership. When his military experience concluded, Ken jumped into driving jet-powered trucks across the country. With a resume highlighting his skills in skydiving and fast cars, Ken was at a standstill when his truck driving days came to an end. “About the only job I could find was selling cars, and I really didn’t enjoy sitting in an office waiting for people to come to me,” Ken explained.

During his initial introduction to Platinum’s products, Ken contemplated purchasing a policy but didn’t immediately consider the option of a sales career with Platinum. Once he learned about the career growth and leadership opportunities available at Platinum, the opportunity became more attractive to him.

Ken’s military experience instilled in him a desire to lead in everything he approaches, and Platinum provided Ken another setting to thrive as a leader and coach. Platinum’s family atmosphere gives Ken the support he needs to excel and continue growing in his career, and while Ken values this encouragement, he also loves Platinum’s push to consistently better itself. “I think Platinum’s leaders are always looking to improve and are willing to listen to suggestions. They are not afraid to change in order to have the best products.”

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