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Meet Chris, Sales Representative

Meet Chris, Sales Representative

After over 20 years in law enforcement, Chris was ready for a career change that would allow him to continue helping others. He also found an extended family.

What drew you to the Platinum Opportunity?
When I started with Platinum, I could see the value in what we did, because my dad had been affected by cancer and stroke, and my sister also suffered from cancer. It began as a job, but it became a lot more than that after doing this. In this profession, seeing someone suffer with cancer is seeing someone on their worst day. So, you tend to see that here, and the ability to help people through that process is extremely rewarding. It is more rewarding than the paycheck.

What has contributed to your career growth?
I took notes constantly when I started. Everything that a leader or trainer told me to do, I followed it, and then I studied. I still study and practice to this day. I’m studying constantly and looking at the mistakes I’ve made, trying to better myself as far as knowing the parts of the policy that are different in each state.

What do you like most about working at Platinum?
The support from leadership is amazing here. Coming from the military and law enforcement, in the military, leadership is about achieving a different kind of goal. The leadership here is incredible. There is a reason why we talk about the Platinum family. I spend so much time with these people that it does become a family type of atmosphere.

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