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Lump It and (Actually) Like It

Lump It and (Actually) Like It

For those faced with a cancer diagnosis, having a cancer supplemental insurance policy with a lump-sum cash benefit can give you the financial freedom to focus on treatment and recovery—not expenses.

When you’re diagnosed with cancer, your health won’t wait for you to explore your financial options before deciding on a treatment plan. With a supplemental insurance policy that offers a lump-sum benefit, you can have access to cash benefits that allow you to take action immediately.

With many cancer drugs costing more than $5,000 a month, even if patients are responsible for only a percentage, they are still paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for their drugs.* And drugs are not the only out-of-pocket expenses associated with treatment—there are also major medical insurance deductibles, the cost of travel to treatment facilities, physician fees, treatment facility fees and more.

Lump-sum benefits allow you and your family to seek the care options you want—not just the ones you can afford at the time. Lump-sum benefits found in policies marketed by Platinum Supplemental Insurance are designed to help cover expenses for deductibles, copays and travel, or to supplement lost wages due to accident, critical illness and more. Click here to read more details about the lump-sum benefits of a Platinum-marketed cancer policy.

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