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More Than Just Accident Care

More Than Just Accident Care

When a representative from Platinum Supplemental Insurance stopped by the Bucholz farm in Waverly, Iowa, Deatra Bucholz never imagined that her Platinum experience would exist beyond the first appointment. But, after an enjoyable visit with their Platinum sales representative, Deatra and her husband Troy decided to purchase a supplemental health insurance policy marketed by Platinum.

“I remember my husband setting up the appointment, and I said, ‘Now, you know we’re not going to buy this,’” Deatra said. “And I’m so glad we did.”

While her full-time job provides her with major medical insurance, Deatra’s policy through Platinum has proved to be valuable when it comes to coverage for the minor injuries she sustains. As part of her policy, Deatra has been able to receive chiropractic care for the myriad of minor injuries she endures during her everyday work on the farm.

One of Deatra’s tasks includes mowing the ditch in front of their house, but the slant makes staying upright tricky. As she fights the mower, her upper back twists and turns, which sometimes leads to slips and falls in the ditch. In the winter time, another chore involves carrying a five-gallon bucket of water to the dog kennel across icy surfaces. These chores have been the source of muscle pain and migraine headaches, leading her to seek out chiropractic care.

Relief for Everyday Injuries

While Deatra’s major medical insurance covered a portion of her bills, she used her supplemental insurance policy to pay for chiropractic care required after injuries in 2015 and 2016.

Additionally, Deatra found that Platinum’s customer service was there for her, too, and recognized their diligence.

“The company has been wonderful,” Deatra said. “They’ve just been there, and everything’s been processed in a very timely manner. I would tell anybody, ‘Don’t hesitate to do this.’ The insurance that we purchased is wonderful.”