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How Platinum Founder Wayne Briggs Built His Legacy at the Kitchen Table

How Platinum Founder Wayne Briggs Built His Legacy at the Kitchen Table

The kitchen table has been a substantial fixture in the lives of Americans for years. We eat at the kitchen table, we share stories around it, and we lean on it as we help our children with their homework. We live around the kitchen table, which is why Wayne Briggs, founder and president of Platinum Supplemental Insurance, continues to align his business model around it.

Finding an insurance salesman sitting at the kitchen table was a common occurrence in the Briggs’ household throughout Wayne Briggs’ childhood. As Wayne grew up, he began to better understand the value a face-to-face, kitchen-table conversation can provide.

After working in the supplemental insurance industry for a few years, Wayne began to see customer needs unmet by the available coverage packages at the time. So, he set off to begin an agency of his own—Platinum Supplemental Insurance.

From day one, Platinum has always had a customer focus. “We are a person-to-person company. We listen to our customers, and when we do, we get a pretty good idea of what is causing their financial burdens. When we leave our customers, we take this information with us as we design new products to better serve their needs,” Wayne explained.

“Today, Platinum is unique as we continue to serve our customers at the kitchen table. I believe the topics we discuss with customers and what we are selling is important enough to discuss face to face.”

Selling the type of supplemental insurance that Platinum markets is not an easy job. Wayne knows this first hand. “People don’t like thinking about bad things happening to themselves or their loved ones. But when I hear how our policies have significantly benefited so many lives, I am reminded how important our work is.”

Years ago, a Platinum policyholder underwent a bone marrow transplant. Their policy not only provided the transplant recipient and his family benefits to ease the out-of-pocket financial burden of the medical procedure, but it also provided support to the bone marrow donor. Platinum works diligently to meet the full-circle needs of its policyholders, and in this case, providing donor benefits was one way to fulfill those needs.

Platinum’s customers always come first—and our customers include more than just our policyholders. Sales representatives and office employees are a crucial component of Platinum’s impactful history. “When we take care of our policyholders, representatives and office employees, everybody wins,” Wayne explained. “That’s why we strive to provide the best policies, top resources and finest opportunities to everyone.”

Whether Wayne spends his day meeting potential policyholders out in the field or working with Platinum’s dedicated workforce in the home office, he continues to leave the kitchen table each night feeling good about the many lives Platinum has served over the past 24 years.