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Have a Healthy New Year

Have a Healthy New Year

As the year takes off, we all get busy and proper health and wellness measures often take a backseat. Here are a few tips you can easily keep in mind for a safer and healthier 2018.

Resolve to be proactive about your health. Many causes of serious illnesses are preventable, and you can take steps to be proactive. Regular health checks and exams can help find problems before they start.

Set (and actually go to) screenings and physician’s office visits. Many Platinum-marketed policies include benefits for common health screenings and diagnostic tests, such as mammograms and MRIs, to encourage you to be proactive about your health. At Platinum, we know the best prevention is early detection.

Don’t let your guard down on safety. Accidents happen, especially when we’re always in a hurry. By simply slowing down, staying mindful and taking preventive safety measures, such as checking for hazards or reporting unsafe conditions, you could protect yourself from the far-reaching burdens of a debilitating accident. For added peace of mind, have you considered the benefits of a Platinum-marketed accident policy for your family?

Take care of yourself. A good diet, regular exercise and intentional downtime are simple ways to help you stay healthy.
Do what’s best for you. Don’t run with the crowd. When it comes to you and your family’s healthcare plan, assess your unique situation and choose options that best fit you.

The Hames family included supplemental health insurance as part of a big picture approach to their insurance situation. Click here to read their story.

As you’re making your resolutions for the new year, consider the benefits of a Platinum-marketed supplemental insurance policy for you and your loved ones. Common serious illnesses and accidents can be costly and disruptive due to high medical and nonmedical expenses that add up quickly.

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