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Get To Know Your Agency and Your Carrier

Get to Know Your Agency and Your Carrier

When you purchased a supplemental health insurance policy marketed by Platinum Supplemental Insurance, you completed your application with your local Platinum insurance agent. At the time, your agent probably mentioned our partnership with State Mutual Insurance Company. Platinum is your supplemental health insurance agency, and State Mutual is the underwriting carrier.

You are likely familiar with this arrangement. Most home and auto insurance policies are sold for a national carrier by a local agent. This makes it possible for you to access stable, high-quality insurance products through face-to-face interaction with an individual you trust.

Without further ado, let us introduce you to your supplemental health insurance agency and your carrier. Then, we’ll review who you need to contact in case of a question or claim.

Your Insurance Agency:

Platinum Supplemental Insurance is your supplemental health insurance agency. Platinum markets affordable, benefit-rich supplemental health insurance policies that can provide peace of mind if you ever become hospitalized due to a covered accident or critical illness, such as cancer, heart attack or stroke. We meet with thousands of customers one-on-one each year, and we use those trusted conversations to continue developing and improving policies that respond to the specific needs of our rural customers.

You purchased your supplemental coverage from a Platinum sales representative. And, if you have a question about your policy, or you need to start a claim, you call our friendly, knowledgeable customer service team in our Dubuque, Iowa, office.

Your Insurance Carrier:

To underwrite the policies we design, Platinum carefully selects respected carrier partners that understand our customers’ needs. Platinum currently offers policies that are underwritten by State Mutual Insurance Company. State Mutual is headquartered in Rome, Georgia. The company has an extensive history serving seniors and rural communities.

State Mutual issues the insurance policies that provide the financial protection against losses you may incur due to covered claims. If you ever need to file a claim, you will start with a call to Platinum Supplemental Insurance. It’s possible your Platinum customer service representative will connect you with a member of the State Mutual claims team as well.

How We Work Together for Your Good
Platinum and State Mutual work hand-in-hand to ensure that you can focus on your recovery—not your expenses.

Should you have any questions about your policy, the best place to start is a call to Platinum. Here are our most frequently asked customer questions to clarify the distinctions between our two companies and the services we offer you.

  • Who do I call if I have a question about my policy?
    If you have a question about a supplemental health insurance policy you purchased through Platinum Supplemental Insurance, contact Platinum’s customer service department.
  • Who do I call if I need to file a claim?
    If you purchased a supplemental health insurance policy from Platinum Supplemental Insurance and you need to file a claim, start here and contact Platinum’s customer service department.
  • Who accepts my premium payment?
    Your premium payments are accepted by State Mutual Insurance Company, which is also how it appears on your bank statement.
  • If I have a claim, where does the benefit payment come from?
    Claim payments are sent by mailed check, and they are marked from State Mutual Insurance Company.
  • Where do important communications come from?
    Ongoing customer communications, such as newsletters or important product updates, are typically sent by Platinum Supplemental Insurance, with respect to your communication preferences. Communications specific to your policy or claim will typically come from State Mutual Insurance Company.

Do you have a question about a policy you currently own? Contact Platinum today to speak with a friendly, knowledgeable Platinum customer service agent.

If you’re interested in additional supplemental health insurance coverage offered by Platinum, such as Nursing Home and Home Health Care, learn more about our other products.