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Finishing What We Started

Finishing What We Started

Hard work and generosity are staples of Platinum’s mission and vision. Platinum has a long-standing relationship with Casa De Dia, a sanctuary for disadvantaged seniors in Los Cabos, Mexico, and in 2018, we helped the center complete a wish list of needed repairs.

Every year, Platinum selects a nonprofit for a service opportunity in the location of its annual company trip and awards convention. Since 2014, Platinum has had a long-standing relationship with Casa De Dia, a senior day care center in Los Cabos, Mexico. The center provides meals, medical attention and daily activities for over 45 people daily who are in need or who are homeless. Casa De Dia depends primarily on donations and a small group of volunteers to operate and maintain their building and grounds.

Together with the home office, Platinum sales representatives contributed a portion of their commissions throughout the year to raise $25,470 for Casa De Dia, which was used to accomplish a wish list of much-needed building repairs, including an air conditioner replacement, roof repairs and a new fan for the common area. Check out photos of the repairs and renovations below:

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