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Find the Right Career Fit, Post-Military

Find the Right Career Fit, Post-Military

Dedication. Camaraderie. Former military members know how important these traits are to success. If you or someone you know is looking for a career where hard work and discipline can lead to remarkable success, look no further than Platinum.

Veterans have dedicated their lives to the service and protection of others. At Platinum, the skills that led to a successful military career can help generate lucrative income while helping others.

Benefit-rich policies marketed by Platinum Supplemental Insurance help protect families faced with overwhelming out-of-pocket costs associated with a major illness or hospitalization. At Platinum, it’s our mission to market the best products for our customers, so they can focus on recovery, not expenses.

Platinum sales representatives come from various backgrounds, and most didn’t have sales experience before they discovered the Platinum Opportunity. All representatives receive the assistance they need to become licensed agents and hands-on training in Platinum’s proven sales process, while Platinum’s home office in Dubuque, Iowa, provides all sales support and the tools needed to be successful out in the field. Plus, at Platinum, hard work can lead to unlimited rewards, such as generous incentives, bonuses and advancement opportunities.

Do you know a veteran interested in learning more about the Platinum sales career? Visit our sales careers website now, or call 1-855-893-8021 to speak to a personnel manager.