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Farm and Family Friendly

Farm and Family Friendly


Farming and ranching are high-risk professions. However, out-of-pocket expenses associated with an accident or illness shouldn’t affect whether you can afford to continue farming or not.

In 2015, the U.S. Department of Agriculture reported that 1 in 5 farmers were in debt because of medical bills. Nationally, medical costs continue to rise.1

Unfortunately, if someone in your family were to be involved in an accident or get diagnosed with cancer or an illness, out-of-pocket expenses like insurance deductibles, travel and loss of income increase at a rapid rate.

How do you pay for these bills? You could use any savings that you might have. But, you can run out of savings. You could also sell assets like land or equipment. But, what will you do once you are ready to go back to work?

You can count on Platinum-marketed supplemental insurance policies to help. For 20 years, Platinum has marketed policies designed specifically to serve farm families in the heartland of America. Platinum-marketed policies usually pay a large lump-sum cash benefit that allows you to focus on recovery, not expenses. And, if a covered event were to occur, benefits are paid directly to you to help you cover your loss of income.

Supplemental insurance policies marketed by Platinum Supplemental Insurance are here to help protect what is most important to you: your family and your farm.