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Don’t Let Winter Accidents Keep You Down

Don’t Let Winter Accidents Keep You Down

Slips, trips, falls, crashes and spills—accidents can happen anywhere at any time, especially during these icy, wet winter months. Winter accidents can result in both a physical and financial strain, but a supplemental accident policy can help cushion the blow.

Did you know? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2014, over 42,000 work injuries and illnesses involved ice, sleet or snow, resulting in falls, trips, overexertion and other incidents. And, injured workers took a median of nine days to recover from their winter-related injuries and illnesses.1

You can take steps and preventive measures to help protect yourself from the physical burdens that come with a winter accident hospitalization, such as checking for hazards, reporting unsafe conditions and wearing appropriate footwear. But, what about the financial costs of a winter accident?

With their Platinum-marketed policy, the Thomsen family was able to have peace of mind when facing the unexpected, including emergency room visits and accident care.

A hospitalization, accident or illness can be costly. Even if covered by major medical insurance, costs like insurance deductibles, travel expenses and loss of income can add up. You never know when an accident or hospitalization will happen, but with a Platinum-marketed policy, you can help protect against the unexpected and focus on recovery, not out-of-pocket medical expenses.

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