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Coverage That Makes Economic Sense For Our Family

Coverage That Makes Economic Sense For Our Family

Denise and Clinton Rowen, of Worth County, Missouri, wanted healthcare coverage that made economical sense for their family. Denise works as a marketer, while Clinton is a farmer, and together they have three children. With a young and busy family, Clinton and Denise Rowen opted to make a supplemental health insurance policy marketed by Platinum Supplemental Insurance part of their healthcare plans.

For Denise and Clinton, their own family history with serious illness factored into their decision to select a supplemental policy. Both had parents and grandparents who experienced heart attacks, and one of Denise’s aunts had gone through cancer.

As the couple planned for their own family’s healthcare, Denise says that purchasing a Platinum-marketed supplemental policy simply made perfect financial sense for them, and they have used their policy for annual screenings and diagnostic tests.

“My son, Alex, in particular has to have blood tests done every six months for silica, and then my daughter does blood tests at different times through the year. My husband and I do the normal cancer and heart screenings as part of our annual wellness check-ups. The supplemental policy certainly has helped pay for part of our out-of-pocket expenses that our traditional insurance does not pay for.”

Platinum-Level Service Every Time

Like many others, the Rowens have also enjoyed the benefits of Platinum’s diligent customer service.
“They are very helpful. I have had nothing but good experiences talking with them,” Denise said. “I would recommend the policies Platinum markets because I receive benefits from them, and like I mentioned before, the first reason we took advantage of this was that, economically, it made sense for us.”

Denise reasons that the valuable advantages that come from having their supplemental policy outweigh the premiums.
“Yes, it’s a cost to our family to pay for the insurance, but the benefits that we get out of it are worth it.”