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Combatting Health Risks in the Heartland

Combatting Health Risks in the Heartland

You love country-living, but many factors put rural Americans at a higher risk of death than their urban counterparts. A supplemental insurance policy, like those marketed by Platinum, could help you combat a few of these risks.

Around 15 percent of the U.S. population lives in rural areas. A common challenge of rural living is convenient access to regular, quality healthcare. According to a recent study done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Americans in rural areas are more likely to die from leading causes of death, such as cancer, stroke or heart attack.1 One of the reasons cited is that rural patients often have to travel farther to receive comprehensive healthcare. For many people, this means putting off preventative care, such as regular well-checkups.

Regularly screening patients for high blood pressure, heart disease and cancer is one way to address the mortality gap between rural and urban Americans. With a supplemental insurance policy, like those marketed by Platinum, you can receive direct cash benefits to help you through a diagnosis, and there are also benefits to encourage regular well-care.

Did you know? Most Platinum-marketed policies offer wellness benefits for physician-office visits, screenings and participation in healthy lifestyle programs, such as smoking cessation programs.

At Platinum Supplemental Insurance, we are dedicated to marketing products that answer to the unique needs of the heartland and protect rural families from the high out-of-pocket expenses related to critical accidents and illnesses, such as high travel costs. It’s our mission to create and market the best products for our customers—products that provide extensive benefits, so you can focus on recovery, not expenses. Lump-sum benefits are paid directly to you, the policyholder, to use toward your greatest need, including out-of-pocket medical costs, travel expenses or lost wages due to time away from work.

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