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Wayne Briggs
Wayne Briggs, President

Wayne Briggs is the founder and president of Platinum Supplemental Insurance. He is also chair of the board of directors. Wayne began selling supplemental insurance in 1990, and after 6 ½ years, he decided to start his own insurance agency that offered more diverse products and provided sales people with outstanding career opportunities. Since then, Platinum has grown into a
$30-million-per-year organization with nearly 140 field representatives and 80 employees. Wayne provides leadership through his expertise in product innovation, sales leadership, sales systems, agent recruitment and leveraging technology to support sales. Under Wayne’s leadership, Platinum is recognized in the industry as a leader in the design, development and sales of supplemental insurance products.

Jim Lange
Jim Lange, CEO

Jim Lange joined Platinum Supplemental Insurance in January 2013. In his role as CEO, Jim is responsible for organizational leadership, team development and creating a high-performance culture. With a passion for building new leaders, sales facilitation, customer service and business analytics, Jim is driven to enhance the sales performance at Platinum. Before joining Platinum, Jim held senior executive positions in the areas of sales, operations, customer service and technology. Jim has worked with a variety of organizations, from large Fortune 500 companies to small start-up companies, designing and deploying effective sales and support solutions. Jim received a bachelor’s degree from Loras College and an MBA from the University of Dubuque.

Jennifer Mond
Jennifer Mond, Vice President of Administrative Services

Jennifer Mond joined Platinum in February 2015 as the director of administrative services. Shortly after, in October 2016 she was promoted to vice president of administrative services. In this role, Jennifer leads the customer service, sales support, travel and events, licensing and compliance teams. Employing her 15 years of experience in administrative services and operations, Jennifer works with managers and executives to align each department with the company’s overall strategic business goals.

Brian Clark
Brian Clark, Director of Software Development

Brian Clark joined Platinum’s IT department in March 2008 as a software developer. With 15 years of programming and development experience, Brian’s knowledge and leadership led to his promotion to application development manager in May 2014 and then to director of software development by the end of that same year. In his position, Brian leads a team of software developers who create and maintain all the customized software products used by Platinum’s field representatives and home office staff.

Lindsay McGinnis
Lindsay McGinnis, Director of Compliance

Lindsay McGinnis joined Platinum Supplemental Insurance as a licensing specialist in August 2007. Shortly after, she was promoted to licensing supervisor in September 2008 and advanced to licensing manager in 2014. With over a decade of experience in overseeing compliance and legal standards for Platinum, Lindsay was promoted to director of compliance in September 2017. In her role, Lindsay oversees Platinum’s licensing department, which assists all sales representatives with their licensing and continuing education requirements, and helps ensure that Platinum employees and agents maintain ethical and legal standards while following all insurance laws.

Ashlee Metcalf
Ashlee Metcalf, Director of Customer Service

Ashlee Metcalf began her Platinum career in November 2007 as a customer service specialist. With 13 years of customer service experience, Ashlee became customer service manager in 2014. Ashlee’s effective leadership and direction of Platinum’s customer service, claims and inside sales teams resulted in her advancement to director of customer service in October 2016. In her role, Ashlee strives to provide the best service to Platinum’s customers and independent sales agents while maintaining a pleasant, professional and accommodating environment.

Christina Moore
Christina Moore, Director of Marketing and Product Development

Christina Moore joined Platinum’s customer service department in May 2011. In January 2014, she was promoted to executive administrative associate. After finishing her MBA in August 2014, Christina took on the additional role of account manager, building and maintaining important relationships with Platinum’s insurance partners. Christina’s knowledge of Platinum’s products and skilled leadership on projects company-wide led to her advancement to director of marketing and product development in October 2016. Christina oversees the direction of Platinum’s advertising, internal and external communications, graphic design, and carrier relations.

Alyssa Schrobilgen
Alyssa Schrobilgen, Director of Sales Operations

Alyssa Schrobilgen began her career in the Platinum home office in October 2007 as a customer service representative. Through leadership and initiative, Alyssa’s career grew into various areas of the company, including positions in administration and sales operations. In March 2014, she was promoted to sales operations manager, and in 2016, she became director of sales operations. In her role, Alyssa provides knowledgeable, accommodating support to Platinum’s field sales representatives and maintains an important line of open communication between the home office and the sales force.

Jake Shireman
Jake Shireman, Director of Recruiting

Jake Shireman began his Platinum career as a sales operations specialist in June 2013. After helping to optimize reporting and operations for Platinum’s personnel department, Jake moved into the role of inside sales manager. In January 2016, Jake became the career development manager, overseeing a team of recruiting specialists and testing new recruiting initiatives for Platinum’s sales force. In September 2016, Jake was promoted to recruiting director. In this role, he advises a full team of recruiters and directs Platinum’s initiatives for continued growth in the sales field.