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Filling traditional health insurance gaps to help keep you financially secure.

Renowned for its passion, integrity and sincere desire to help others, Platinum markets policies that can help with financial shortfalls left by traditional health insurance plans.

Rural Products

Affordable tools for protecting families and their way of life.

Our policies* provide cash for the out-of-pocket expenses that arise when a family member is fighting critical illness or injury—expenses that are not covered by traditional health insurance policies. Many of our products also have an optional return of premium benefit available.

Rural Products

Rewarding, lucrative careers for hardworking people.

Our supplemental health insurance policies* have helped to keep countless families financially secure, so these are products you can feel good about selling. We’ve designed a career path with a proven training and support system for earning high levels of income, often during the first year.


A valuable and hassle-free supplemental health benefit to offer employees.

Platinum helps businesses deliver high-value supplemental policies to their employees — with no costs or inconveniences to the employer. Simply announce that this great coverage is available and we’ll handle the rest. It’s a great way to show your concern for the long-term well-being of your staff.

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