Cancer, Heart Attack & Stroke

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 In a June 2012 report from the American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute, predictions indicate that there are 13.7 million cancer survivors alive in the United States.
That number will grow to almost 18 million by the year 2022.



Cancer, heart attack and stroke are some of the most common major illnesses that we face as a nation. When you take even a moment to reflect, it doesn’t take long to recall a friend, neighbor or even a family member who has experienced one of these illnesses. While these illnesses certainly take a physical toll, they often also go hand-in-hand with a substantial financial burden. Nearly 60 percent of expenses associated with a major illness are not directly related to medical expenses that would be covered by most health insurance plans — things like lost wages, child care costs and increased transportation expenses.#2  These extra, unplanned expenses are what Platinum Supplemental Insurance products are specifically designed to off-set. Our polices are designed to pay you directly if you or any other covered individual in your family experiences one of these major illnesses.

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*Cancer, Heart Attack & Stroke product is underwritten by Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company and is not available in all states. The plan has exclusions, limitations and terms under which it may be continued in force.  Availability, features, benefits and options may vary by state. Please call Customer Service at 1-800-765-1454 for complete details.


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