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Platinum Stories

Regular Customer Check-In Uncovers Major Benefits

Regular Customer Check-In Uncovers Major Benefits

Keith Ahrenholtz, a 57-year-old crop and hobby hog farmer, might as well just go ahead and invest in a tuxedo. Why the unlikely wardrobe choice? Well, Keith has a lot of celebrating to do in the coming year–four of his five children are engaged to be married.

“And three of them are girls!” Keith said.

It is indeed going to be a busy, fun (and expensive!) year for Keith and his family.

But, family weddings are not the only reason Keith has to celebrate. He is also a cancer survivor.

In 2015, doctors found a mass on Keith’s kidney and suspected it might be cancerous. After performing surgery to successfully remove the mass, it was determined that it was, indeed, cancer.

After the detection of the mass, but prior to the surgery, a Platinum Supplemental Insurance representative coincidentally stopped by to visit Keith and his family at their Shelby County, Iowa, farm. The purpose of the visit was to review the family’s existing cancer, heart attack and stroke policy and to discuss the benefits of a new policy that Platinum was marketing.

It was during that discussion with the rep that Keith mentioned his upcoming surgery.

Like many policyholders, Keith was a bit foggy on the benefit details of his existing policy. This is one of the most important reasons Platinum representatives visit current policyholders—to help remind them of their benefits.

And, this visit was particularly timely.

“I had previously taken the cancer, heart attack and stroke insurance, but didn’t remember much about it,” Keith said. “And the representative reminded me that if the mass ended up being cancerous, I should file a claim with the carrier. Well, it did end up being cancerous.”

Because of his Platinum-marketed cancer, heart attack and stroke policy, Keith was able to collect a lump-sum cash payment that helped cover many of his out-of-pocket medical expenses. In addition, he received cash benefits associated with various aspects of his treatment.

“I feel like I hit gold,” Keith said, in reference to the benefits he received.

A New Policy

During the visit with his Platinum representative, Keith was also shown a policy marketed by Platinum—a hospitalization and accident policy. This policy pays a cash lump sum when policyholders are hospitalized for more than 18 hours, and it also pays cash benefits for a host of injuries like cuts requiring stitches, fractures and dislocations.

Keith recognized the value in the policies Platinum markets and, even though he only qualified for limited benefits, opted to take out this policy. Only a few short weeks later, he was able to take advantage of some of the benefits he qualified for.

Keith tripped over some of his wife’s oxygen equipment, fell and broke a rib.

“I joke with my family that what I’d really like to say is that I tripped and fell on the ice when I was farming.” Keith said with a laugh.

After visiting the doctor and having an X-ray to confirm the rib fracture, Keith filed a claim and was paid $1,350 in benefits.

Keith’s out-of-pocket expenses associated with this incident were minimal, but he was able to put the money to good use by taking care of some bills associated with his cancer treatment.

And, he might have even put a little aside for that tuxedo.