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Proactive Customer Service Adds Value

Proactive Customer Service Adds Value

The Block family used their Platinum-marketed policy to pay for an unexpected hospitalization but benefitted even further from Platinum’s diligent customer service.

“Having customer service that keeps in touch with the person who is filing the claim is a great feature.”
—Sandra Block, policyholder

Sandra Block is familiar with salespeople. Probably more than most because she is married to a retired salesman. Residing in Klemme, Iowa, Sandra is a retired activities director at a care center. Together with her husband, Harlan, they raised one child and enjoy their five grandchildren.

Because of her familiarity with salespeople, Sandra knew from the start that the Platinum representative who visited her house was different. “I don’t really like dealing with insurance or insurance people for that matter,” Sandra said. “But, John was so cordial. He made us feel very comfortable.” During that visit, the Blocks made the decision to purchase an accident and hospital indemnity policy.

In September 2015, Sandra identified symptoms of an issue with her gastrointestinal track. She went to the local emergency room, where the medical staff determined she would require a blood transfusion. Because they did not have the required resources on hand, she was transferred by ambulance to a larger hospital. She was admitted through the emergency room for three days for an unusual gastrointestinal bleed.

Thanks to her major medical insurance, all of her hospital bills were paid. Sandra was also able to take advantage of her Platinum-marketed policy. Under the benefits provided by the accident and hospitalization policy, the Blocks received $1,000 for admission to the hospital and $100 per day after that.

“At the time the check arrived, we had some things happen, like our garage door went bad and something happened in the truck. It was very timely that it came just in time to pay some unexpected bills.”

This is the very purpose of Platinum-marketed supplemental insurance policies. Because car payments, mortgages, utility bills, groceries and other expenses do not stop when you’re in the hospital.

Sandra also benefitted from the diligent customer service that interested her so much when she purchased the policy.

“Usually the person who files a claim sits and wonders about the status of the claim, and wonders if things are actually being filed or moving forward,” she said. “With Platinum, you have a claims specialist who is on top of things and would contact us frequently with information about the status of the claim and about what we needed to do next to get the claim filed. It was extremely helpful.”